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More information about the way we raise, process and sell our beef

How our beef is raised

Our core values in livestock production are compassionate farming, ecologically sound practices, sustainability and lessoning our carbon footprint.  

With information comes responsibility.  As a family farm and members of our community we value the rich resources that central Maine has to offer, and we want to do our part to preserve and nurture those resources.  We also have an undeniable responsibility to our livestock to give them lives that are as close to natural as possible.  Yes, we do provide them shelter and fresh clean water 24 hours a day (they are a bit spoiled!) but they have free access 24 hours a day to be outside in our beautiful pastures enjoying a cow's life.  Each of our animals has a name and a place in our hearts, so their happiness and health is something we take very seriously.  Our cattle have taught us that the majority of what they need is provided by nature.  We do not feed grain and they spend their lives with us from the time they are calves until full grown.  In the winter months they are fed locally sourced (across the street, in fact) high quality hay.  You will never find any unwanted chemicals in our beef.  If there comes a time - there hasn't yet! - that one of our animals needs antibiotics to help heal from either an injury or illness, we will administer it and be sure to hold the animal for no less than 2 times the recommended holding period.  For this reason, we will not be applying for a certified organic license.  As we said, the health and happiness of our animals comes first.


We normally process our beef between 18 and 24 months, depending on how they've grown.  We found that processing at these ages gives us the most tender and flavorful beef.  We bring our cattle to a local USDA inspected processor, less than 30 minutes away, keeping their stress level nearly nonexistent.  As we spend time with our animals every day they do not get overly excited about being brought into a trailer. 

Our processor has proven himself to be just as compassionate to our livestock as we are.  We have been lucky enough to find a person who is scrupulous and thorough with all requests we have.  

Our beef is considered "dry aged".  While normally beef will hang for up to 10 days, we have our beef aged in a dry-age freezer for more than triple that time frame.  By dry aging the beef, the longer hanging time allows the enzymes to act on the muscle fibers which naturally tenderizes the beef.  On top of that, being pasture raised, you receive healthier cuts including lower fat levels, higher protein, lower calorie density and greater Omega 3.  

Purchasing Our Beef

We are pleased to offer our amazing beef for sale to the public.  At this time we are selling by the quarter and by the cut.  Our quarters are currently priced at $6.00 per pound hanging weight.  Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after slaughter but before deboning and cuts are made.  For a quarter of a cow you will want to have approximately 4 cu ft of freezer space.  Our beef is vacuum packed to provide for freshness for up to 2 years.  Contact us today to order your quarter or to get on a wait list for future dates.  

For those who are looking for smaller portions, stop into our farmstand to see what we have available for purchase by the cut.  We love to get to know our customers, and love when our customers get to know us.  What is better than knowing exactly who is raising your food?

Wholesale Purchasing

For larger orders, we partner with our sister farm, Krochmal Farms, to provide whole cows at discounted pricing and restaurant and grocery  pricing is also available.  Let us know how we can help you provide truly locally raised meat to your loyal customers.  We service the entire NorthEast.

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