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Malbons Farm

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Aerial Photo of Malbons Farm, 1952


Aerial Photo of Malbons Farm,  today

Our Farm

Est. 1740

Malbons Farm was gifted to the Malbon Family in 1700 in a land grant from the King of England, King William III.  From then until the 21st century it has stayed in the Malbon family name, as they built the house (which is still standing today) in 1701 and the barn was erected in 1740.  Although this farm has withstood many changes over the past 3 centuries, including the birth of a Nation, a revolutionary and civil war and changes unimaginable by the original Malbon family settlers, it still offers us a glimpse of days gone by.

It was our honor to be entrusted to continue farming this 300 year old property in a manner befitting the Malbon family.  The Malbon sisters, Lucinda, MaryEllen and Jane have placed their family's legacy in our hands to carry on for generations to come, a privilege that we do not take lightly.  We hope you will join us for this amazing opportunity.

Our core principles in agriculture are quite simple.  To raise the healthiest and most content animals while contributing to the ecosystem of the natural beauty that only central Maine can provide to her residents and visitors alike.

Farming of the Past Towards a Greener Future

We hold firmly in our beliefs that we can provide our community with not only the freshest and healthiest products available on the market today, but we can furnish them in such a manner that you will feel confident in your direct connection to our manner of regenerative, compassionate and ecologically healthy farming.

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