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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of this farm is to produce farm fresh healthy beef that is raised as naturally as possible and provide the community, the State of Maine and New England with grass fed local beef. raised with care and attention.  No growth hormones will be used in our beef.  Antibiotics will only be used in an as needed case to prevent spreading of illness or protection of infection from an injury, and those animals will be held from processing until 2x the recommended withholding time.

We intend to be the primary source for Naturally raised, grass fed beef in central Maine, as well as in New England.  With an emphasis on animal welfare, ecologically sound practices and lessening our carbon footprint, we will be on the fast track for this generation of consumers to obtain delicious healthy beef while contributing to our values as a family farm.  In addition, We will also look forward to opening the farm to the community and others for farm tours, field trips, “Ag-ucation” for adults and children and other events by appointment.  Hosting seasonal events will bring our community together as all communities were in the past days gone by as well as promote agriculture to vacationers and visitors in the State of Maine.  Our partnership with Supporting other local farmers and banding together with them will help ensure all of us have a more prosperous future, for future generations.

As of today, the trend of purchasing naturally raised livestock without added hormones and unnecessary antibiotics is in its infancy.  More people are becoming increasingly aware of where their beef is originating and the life of these animals while they are here.  By allowing the animals here to live on grass and silvopasture throughout the year and supplementing with hay grown locally during the winter months of snow, they will be in as natural a state as possible.  Humane animal husbandry practices and sound environmental care as guided by NRCS will be followed at all times. 

Our Passion is Compassionate Livestock Farming

We intend to become one of the leading suppliers in central Maine and surrounding areas of Naturally raised beef.  We will continue our current marketing of eggs and goats milk products.  Supplementary seasonal sales will include an average of 20 turkeys which will be ready for processing by the week before Thanksgiving and a small array of fresh vegetables when in season as well as up to 6 pigs per year.  All products will be raised on farm in the most ecologically sound and the most natural approach possible.  

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